Wormleysburg Wood Siding Repair, Staining & Sealing

We were approached by this Wormleysburg, PA homeowner who has a significant problem with woodpeckers!  He was looking for some spot repairs, some replacement of redwood T1-11 panels, and staining and sealing of the entire project.

Project Process

If you look closely at the “Before” photos you will see various areas of fading and woodpecker damage/holes.  We worked with the homeowner to identify the exact portions of paneling that would be replaced.  Our estimator walked around the home with the homeowner, taking pictures of the damage and making notes on the digital images so as to make an absolutely clear job scope.  Annotated photos are great for ensuring that the carpenters know exactly what is expected.  After making the siding repairs, we applied stain to help blend in the new boards and to update the faded areas.  Finally Sikkens Cetol Maintenance RE was added as a premium translucent maintenance coat to preserve the finish.  This project repaired the damage caused by the woodpeckers, freshened the look of their home with a new coat of stain, and helped to preserve the beauty and integrity of their home.