Lake Meade Living Room Addition

This addition project is in East Berlin, PA (Lake Meade).  The homeowner wanted to expand their living room by converting the existing porch into additional interior space.  This project was a great fit due to the wide variety of skills required.  The project involved framing, siding, windows, trim, drywall, electrical, painting and other finish details.  The homeowner was very pleased with the result.  Consequently we are very pleased as well!

Project Process

Since this project is about the first thing you see when looking at the home it was crucial that it blended in with the existing construction. Finding an exact match for the siding, as well as matching interior trim details and expertly finishing the drywall were all crucial to making this look original to the house.   We removed the porch railing and posts and framed the addition under the existing porch roof.   Insulation and weatherization details are always critical, so we paid special attention these elements. We were also able to remove and reinstall the existing window as it was in excellent shape and of good quality.    The addition resulted in a much more comfortable and useful living room, and an exterior that beautifully blended into the existing home.