Dillsburg Exterior Home Renovation – Porch, Windows, Roof, Front Door Replacement

We were approached by this Dillsburg, PA homeowner who was looking for some major updates on their home.  The desired exterior projects were a full roof replacement, front door replacement, window replacement and a custom porch addition that would be tied into the existing roof.

Project Process

Designing the porch required a lot of communication with the homeowner and a lot of suggestions and adjustments as the final design came together.  The previous porch had been a a simple corrugated flat roof and was showing its age.  We tore everything out, including the concrete pad and started fresh.  The final results were stunning.  The skylights let in ample light, the fans keep the air moving and the louvered slats keep the area light and airy.  Since we needed to tie into the original roof, it was a great time to go ahead and replace the rest of the roof as well.  The new windows and front door completed the makeover and the final results are eye-catching.